Raney Nickel

For all types of hydrogenation reactions.

Raney nickel is a solid catalyst composed of fine grains of a nickel-aluminium alloy, used in many industrial processes. The removal of the aluminum results in a higher surface area for the Raney nickel, which gives high catalytic activity. A high catalytic activity, coupled with the fact that hydrogen is absorbed within the pores of the catalyst during activation, makes Raney nickel a useful catalyst for many hydrogenation reactions. Its structural and thermal stability allows its use under a wide range of reaction conditions.


Raney nickel is used in a large number of industrial processes and in organic synthesis because of its stability and high catalytic activity at room temperature.

  • For Hydrogenation Process.
  • It is typically used in the reduction of compounds that have multiple bonds, such as alkynes, alkenes, nitriles, dienes, aromatics and carbonyls.
  • Conversion of Dextrose to sorbitol.
  • Conversion of Nitro compounds to amines.
  • Conversion of Nitriles to amines.
  • Conversion of Olefins to paraffins.
  • Conversion of Acetylenes to paraffins.
  • It has also found use in the reductive alkylation of amines and the amination of alcohols.
  • Raney nickel will also act as a reagent to desulfurize organic compounds.

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