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Leading Catalyst Manufacturer.

Oviani Chemicals is a global chemical company engaged in manufacturing and supply of catalayst, based in Mumbai, India. The Company's strength lies in its unique offering of catalyst and services.

We intend to emerge as a leader in providing quality products to our customers by using latest technologies and tools with futuristic approach. We are engaged in continuous improvement of our products and processes to enhance the quality of production and cost competitiveness in order to build value for our customers.
Oviani Chemicals focuses on sustainability of business and is intricately woven into all our business functions.

At Oviani Chemicals, we place a high degree of importance on people and relationships. This is reflected in the way we respond to our customers, interact with our employees and foster diversity in the workplace and our community.

Vision, Mission and Values

Oviani Chemicals aims to provide reliable, low cost catalyst.


We are committed to be a trusted brand in Specialty Chemicals, offering high quality products at affordable prices across geographics.


We envision becoming one of the most respectable quality & innovation driven Chemical Companies in India.


Commitment, Intigrity, Optimism, Environmentalism, Discipline

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