Environment Protection

Rubbish can be recycled, Nature cannot.


At Oviani Chemicals, we adhere to achieve a quality of the environment where the levels of pollution do not give rise to harmful effects on human health and the environment.

Oviani Chemicals takes it as responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. It is constantly working to reduce environmental impact and make products that benefit the environment.

We are adhere to ZLD (zero liquid discharge) compliance. The effluent water is treated in MEE plant. Employees are periodically educated about housekeeping and safety aspects pertaining to manufacturing, storage and handling as most of the products are pyrophoric in nature.

Oviani Chemicals regards environmental protection as the basic guarantee of sustainable development of the Company. The Company insists on incorporating environmental protection in the process of production, operation and management.

We are systematically reducing our environmental footprint in the area of energy usage, by continually enhancing the energy efficiency of our processes.

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